Customized and/or System Products

Railway Cars Maintenance Equipment

We contribute to the society with various maintenance equipment for the important social infrastructure.

Lifting System for Coupled Rail Cars

Lift the entire rail cars together to separate and take out any bogie(s) for maintenance. Achieves far safer and more efficient maintenance work compared with the conventional practices of hoisting each car one by one by cranes.

Lifting Jack

Electric screw jack equipped with the latest sensor technologies for safe and efficient system control. Covers 40 ton to 80 ton cars.

Bogie Exchanging Equipment (drop pit type)

Remove bogies from a car and transfer them to different tracks. We can provide custom-designed systems to meet safety and specific requirements.

Elevating working platform, bogie frame lifter, bogie turntable, bogie reversing equipment, etc.

We can provide a variety of equipment and systems for rail car maintenance.