Motor Cylinder


Simple Construction

Motor cylinder consists mainly of screw, nut and motor. Motor's rotation (forward and reverse) is translated into linear motion of piston rod. It simply operates with 3-phase electric power supply.

Fully Electromechanical

It moves or stops precisely by electrical control. When stopped, it holds the load securely.

Thrust Limiter and Positioning

Originally developed thrust limiter overload detecting mechanism allows for pressurized stoppage. Stoppage with position limit switches also available.

Clean and Easy Maintenance

Maintenance is simple and easy with grease lubrication.

Custom products for bigger force, servo drive, explosion proof, etc., are also available.


B Series

Wide-ranging general applications. Thrust Limiter overload detection mechanism allows for pressurized stoppage.

Thrust Force : 980N~9.8kN

BJ Series

Low speed, Thrust Limiter, "Positioner" cam limit SW. Suited for damper, hopper, valve drive applications.

Thrust Force : 980N~39200N

DG Series

Big load applications. Pressurized stoppage available with Thrust Limiter.

Thrust Force : 19.6kN~294kkN

H Series

Compact, basic and economical.

Thrust Force : 980N~9800N

MWG Series

Big load applications with quiet operation.

Thrust Force : 49kN~735kN