Customized and/or System Products

Electric Actuators for FPD, Semiconductor and Medical Equipment

Technology of Linear Actuators OLED, LCD, Semiconductor, Medical …

Specially designed electric linear actuators for clean environment for LCD, OLED, Semiconductor and Medical Equipment. We can satisfy customers' needs with a lot of experience and expertise.

Actuator for Vacuum Chamber

We provide a variety of lifting equipment and systems for FPD and Semiconductor equipment in clean environment.

Glass Cassette Changer (cassette lifting equipment)

As FPD size increased to generation 8 to 10, our clean type cassette changer lifting systems are being used at many manufacturing lines both in Japan and abroard.

Electric Lifter (for clean environment)

We provide a variety of clean lifters according to special environmental, operating load and duty requirements.

Jack System for Silicon Ingot

Jack system for use to build silicon layer for semiconductor manufacturing. Lifting load 20 ton.

Electric Actuator for Medical Equipment

Specially designed for highly reliable medical equipment.